Bad Career Move

Tawny thinks that sleeping with Peter the Producer would be a good career move … think again, Tawny!

Run For Your Life, Delilah!

Will Delilah be Debbie’s next victim?

Debbie Doesn’t Handle Rejection Well …

So you’d better tell her what she wants to hear!

DVD Box Art

Available in February, 2015 by Midnight Releasing!

Debbie’s Got an Axe to Grind

B-movie legend, actress Debbie Wilkins, has just been replaced by a 23 year old scream queen in her lover’s bed. More importantly, she’s been left out of her lover’s new film. Debbie doesn’t handle rejection well.

Top or Bottom?

Nikki can’t figure out if she’s a top or a bottom … Debbie resolves that question by targeting Nikki’s biggest assets.

Time to Pay the Price

Peter’s philandering producing style has finally caught up with him.

Deadly Combination

Take four scream queens and throw in one Norman, and you get total calamity.

My, My, My Delilah!

No one can blame the Producer for choosing Delilah as his next pet project.

Is This Our Final Movie Project?

The director and assistant director do their best to focus on the babes, but they won’t have much time to enjoy the view.