Debbie Rochon as Debbie Wilkins

Debbie Rochon is an Indie actress who has been in 200 plus films – mostly horror. Starting as a pre-teen in the cult punk rock classic LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: THE FABULOUS STAINS! in which she worked as an extra for 3 months. There began her cinematic journey. After moving to NYC in 1984, Debbie studied acting for the next decade at such acting studios as Lee Stasberg, H.B. Studios and her favorite, The Michael Chekov Studio. She worked on stage extensively with 4 NYC theatre companies before starting to land small roles in genre films beginning in 1988. She worked her way up to leading lady status and continues to enjoy creating complex and off kilter characters for the screen. Debbie is equally drawn to broad absurdist comedy as she is to deeply dramatic horrifying horror roles.

Debbie has hosted 4 different radio shows in NYC, from terrestrial to satellite. She most recently finished a four year run on Sirius/XM hosting Fangoria Radio with Dee Snider and Tony Timpone.

She has written for dozens of genre publications since 1993. Debbie Currently pens for The Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope mag, and has a comedic yet frightfully insightful column in Fangoria mag called Diary of the Deb. She has been one of the subjects in multiple books penned on genre films, and has graced the cover of 45 magazines thus far.

Debbie has appeared in a number of TV documentaries covering the horror genre, and starred as a guest judge on episode 4, season 2 of VH1 Scream Queens.

Debbie has just finished directing her first feature film MODEL HUNGER. It will be completed in 2013 and features an amazing cast. For more info you can click here!