Michelle Tomlinson as Cheryl

Michelle Tomlinson was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. Heavily involved in Video Productions in High School, she flipped to the other side of the camera and began acting classes while attending Eastern New Mexico University, where she earned her BFA in Theatre Peformance.

Immediately upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, California to hone in on her craft and begin her career. She saturated herself in the Adler Technique taught by Arthur Mendoza and followed up with The Lyndon Technique taught by Amy Lyndon, who teaches an effective and unique Booking Technique.

She’s also an extremely passionate animal lover with three cats and intends to have a herd of buffalo in her front yard someday when she claims her land in her beloved state of New Mexico. Some might find that odd, but she finds it oddly comforting as something to look forward to.